Buying and Selling Designer Handbags On eBay

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Designer handbags are very profitable both online and offline. It seems that every woman wants a designer purse. Why do they want one? Because carrying a designer purse makes women feel beautiful and stylish. Another reason women flock to purchase designer handbags is that owning a designer handbag can make one feel part of a group, and that is a psychological need – the need to belong to a group.

A hand of name brand handbags are lucky enough to enjoy brisk sales in the United States. Some of the brands in this small group include Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Chanel, and Gucci. There are eBay sellers making a nice profit with buying and selling designer handbags. They purchase the items for less than market price, and sell them for as much as they can get for them. There are some tricks of the trade that sellers use in order to get as much as possible for their handbags.

Two of these tricks are as follows: Use the Auction format rather than the Buy-it-Now format. By allowing buyers to bid on an item, they become competitive with each other, as each buyer wants to win the auction. Each buyer will want to win the bid, and this psychological aspect to an auction will often make a buyer bid more than the market value for an item.

The second trick is to make sure you are getting an authentic designer handbag. This is often harder than you might think. Manufacturing fake designer handbags is big business, and there are many people doing this in order to get a share of the designer handbag profits. Many buyers have been duped when purchasing designer handbags on eBay and other web sites. They are led to believe the handbag is an authentic designer bag but find out after that they were duped – that the handbag is actually a fake. When this happens, a buyer should always ask for a refund, as selling fake handbags is against eBay's rules.

Many Sellers are making high profits buying and selling designer handbags on eBay. Buyers are always plentiful, and the vast majority of designer handbags receive multiple bids in auction listings.

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